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Aaron Ross is the founder of PebbleStorm, which is helping 100 million people “make money through enjoyment”, by helping them enjoy discovering their purpose and turning it into a business they love.  He is married to Jessica Ross, and is a father of three (plus they have about a zillion pets), and lives in the Los Angeles area.

Part of loving your business is having growing, predictable revenue & self-managing systems and teams!  Aaron is the author of CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs and the Amazon best-selller Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With’s $100 Million Best Practices.

Aaron Ross was an EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) at Alloy Ventures, a $1 billion venture capital firm. Prior to Alloy, at Aaron created a revolutionary Cold Calling 2.0 inside sales process and team that helped increase’s revenues by $100 million.  Aaron was CEO of LeaseExchange (now, an online equipment leasing marketplace. As an entrepreneur, he has been in Time, Businessweek and The Red Herring. Aaron graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Environmental Civil Engineering.

info (atsign) pebblestorm (dot) com

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