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Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs

How To Have More Freedom & Peace Of Mind While Making More Money By Creating A Team Of Employees That Run Your Business Like High-Level Executives

As an executive, you are working really hard to get better results and yet you feel like something isn’t being done correctly. While your business is somewhat successful, the pressure from the economy and the stress from all of your personal and professional responsibilities are causing you to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and overdrawn.

For years, you’ve been dreaming about or working on building your organization into one that gives you the financial and mental freedom to live the life you’ve dreamed about.  And for awhile now you’ve been feeling like you’re just a step or two away from breaking through…yet it seems to stay just out of reach.  Or perhaps you recently had a big business breakthrough and growth you’ve wanted for a long time, yet it’s not giving you the satisfaction and space you thought you’d get from it…

  • You feel like you work for your business, instead of feeling that it works for you.
  • You feel like you’ve strayed from why you started the business in the first place
  • There’s an underlying insecurity that you’re not qualified or prepared enough (so untrue!)
  • You feel overwhelmed and under pressure, like you’re in over your head.
  • Your teams, although made of great people, aren’t supporting you in the way you want them to.
  • Even as successful as you have are, you find yourself feeling uncertain about the direction you’re heading in.
  • You feel like something’s not being done correctly.
  • You’re tired of the casual coffees and lunches and free advice from friends and partners that are well intentioned but aren’t helping in a substantial way.
  • You’ve even been thinking about hiring a coach or SOMEONE to help you see straight with crystal clear clarity.


“I feel more and more honored that you are including me in something so fantastic.  My compliment of the day for you: You make me feel calmer, more peaceful and more confident – so far, every time I have spoken with you.” – Amy Applebaum, CEO Bootcamp for Your Mind


CEOFlow sweet spotAre You Ready To Stop Running In Circles & START DOING The Things That Will Give You What You Want Most?

Time and time again, I see that most of the problems executives face are ones they create for themselves.  I’ll help you see yourself and your business objectively, so that you can get out of your own way and get what you want – now!  If you’re always working for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.  Begin creating your freedom, your dream life, TODAY.

Do you wonder…

  • How can you get your employees to care as much about your business as you do, even as you grow?
  • How do you get your staff to be as powerful as you are?
  • How can you create a culture of employees that inspire you, rather than a culture that you need to constantly inspire?
  • How can you protect yourself and your finances without giving away too much?
  • Your business relies on you too much, but how is it possible to change this?
  • How can you take a real vacation both mentally and physically, so that you can truly disconnect and relax?
  • How can you grow your company while maintaining the lifestyle you want with your family, relationships and adventures?

This business is closer to your reach than you think. You simply need to discover the tools to get you from where you are to where you deserve to be.  My purpose is to help you create the freedom for you to experience fulfillment every day, to help your business reach its potential and support your life goals.

“Aaron Ross is a wonderful calm presence for me as I sort out my pulled in too many directions business owner life. When we speak he reminds me of using peace and joy as my directional device; compass. I too know deeply that we are supposed to love work and have so much fun with it while making the money we want. In order to achieve this he helps me to focus and prioritize. If you want to have a high quality life that is led by your heart Aaron is very helpful.” Carenna Willmont, CEO Whole Human Financial

What if the secrets to your success and CEOFlow were right under your nose? They are called YOUR EMPLOYEES!

Learn how to:

  • Inspire your employees to care as much about your business as you do
  • Create an environment where you employees always do a great job without you having to push them
  • Make sure you have the right systems in place for your employees to generate predictable sales time and time again
  • Protect yourself and your finances without giving too much away
  • Ensure that your employees give your customers the level of service and care that your business promises
  • Get as much free time as you desire to have fun with your family, travel, or just get away for an adventure

There’s a way that I’ve experienced this that generated millions of dollars while happily living the free lifestyle I wanted, and I want to share with YOU the joy that comes from it!

A little about my own story…

I have been obsessed for years with self-managing systems and companies, and I studied what companies such as Semco, AES, WL Gore, Patagonia, Zappos and others practiced.  In the mid-2000’s, I worked at – a $1 billion software company – where I first applied these practices.  I created a self-managing sales team that helped add $100 million in revenue.  For example, I could go on vacation in Africa for two weeks, totally out of touch, and return to find that no issues needed resolving…only that sales had grown again in my absence.  The self-managing system also made it possible for the company to promote me, because my organization didn’t need me anymore – I wasn’t trapped by my own success.  When I was promoted, I never had to look back and the team and processes kept on growing!

Before, I founded and was CEO of, a 50-person internet company.   I learned both what works in management and what doesn’t work – the hard way.  After raising $5 million in venture capital and working through it for a couple of years, we shut the business down in 2001.  As painful as it was, the experience of those years with LeaseExchange are what prepared me to be so successful at

After, I spent a year as an EIR (Entrepreneur-In-Residence) at Alloy Ventures, a $1 billion venture capital fund.  Literally my job was to figure out what I wanted to do next.  Three months into it, I spent a few weeks reflecting while traveling in Asia.  I realized that I didn’t want to start another software company, raise venture money, and likely become trapped by my own company for years.  I finally saw clearly that work is hard because we choose to make it hard – yet it doesn’t have to be! Rather than following the same old beaten career path, what I really wanted was to be able to work on what I want, when I want, with whom I want, from where I want.

At Alloy, through this same period of reflection, I found my life purpose: to help people – like you – make money through enjoyment, which means your work is fulfilling, you enjoy it every day, and you make plenty of money at it.  Work can be enjoyable, freeing and profitable at the same time…if we choose to make it so!

“The companies I’ve seen that have followed Aaron’s advice have outperformed.  What more can I say?”  Tim Connors, General Partner, US Venture Partners

My CEOFlow System & Coaching Practice

Now I’ve systematized these principles so I can share them you and other executives to apply to your business.  As a CEOFlow coach, I will help you create the financial and mental breathing room you need to get back to the core around why you started it in the first place.

Some of the system’s puzzle pieces:

  • The “5 Myths Of Getting The Most From Your Employees”
  • How business is transforming, and what it means to you
  • Why enjoyment (and even fun!) at work is so vital to your success
  • The Top 10 Excuses executives make for not letting employees lead
  • My “Greatest Suggestions”
  • The 5 Laws of creating CEOFlow
  • 7 Golden Rules for creating an employee-led company
  • The 3 Foundational Values for CEOFlow
  • Your Role (it’s simpler than you think)

An Invitation To Have A Conversation

Not every executive is a good fit for this program. Are you trusting?  Do you enjoy seeing others succeed?  Are you coachable?  Are you ready to commit and act to enjoying both your work and your life? I don’t feel fulfilled by my work unless it makes a difference to YOU – and only you can make that happen.

If so, I invite you to reach out and set up a conversation with me by registering here:


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